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Brentwood TS-292B Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Brentwood TS-292B Troubleshooting.

Bread Grabber Won’t Lock Down

When I try to set my bread to toast, the latch keeps popping up.

Toasting Lever Blocked

Since crumbs may be blocking the lever, you may need to blow them away from lever assembly. To check the latch, first unplug the toaster. To disassemble the toaster follow this guide[guide link]. If the lever is stuck, then add some lubricant.

Too Tight or Broken

The main cause of bread grabber is the springs being used are broken or too tight. To fix this problem you will need to turnover the toaster and unscrew the screws with a Phillips screwdriver. You will then need to take off the cover and follow this guide[guide link]. Disconnect the circuit board and locate the springs, then you will need to use the metal spudger to loosen the clamps. Lastly, you will use a pair of tweezers to undo to springs.

Uneven Toasting

Only one side of my toast is toasting.

Broken Heating Wire

The common cause of a lack of toasting is a broken nichrome wire on the sides of the toaster. This could be caused by a manufacturing or user error, but it can be fixed easily. You will need a pair of pliers to gently pull on one end of the broken wire to pull out some slack that is left in it. Next, you will need to crimp the two ends by twisting and pinching them together.

Frayed Plug Wire

I got shocked unplugging toaster.

Frayed Insulation on Plug Wire

One main cause of getting shocked unplugging a wire from the outlet is the lack of proper insulation on the plug wires. The lack of insulation allows the electricity to ground through the person unplugging it causing the shock. To fix this problem you will need a phillips head a solder gun and follow this guide [guide link]. Use the screwdriver to take the casing off of the toaster. Once the casing is off you will need to unsolder the power cord from the breadboard and remove the bad power wire. Next you will need to run the new power wire the same way that the old one was and the solder the wire on to the correct spots on the breadboard.

Browning Dial Will Not Operate

The browning dial is stuck on the same setting or will not function the way it should.

Browning Dial Jammed

If the browning dial is jammed, remove the cover of the toaster by following this guide[guide link]. Inspect the back of the dial for any crumbs, wires, or pieces of the toaster that may prevent the dial from turning. Remove the blockage carefully and reassemble the toaster. If bread is still not toasting correctly, your browning dial may be set incorrectly.

Browning Dial Incorrectly Set

If toast is not toasting corresponding to where the browning dial is set to, the dial may be set incorrectly. Remove the cover of the toaster by following this guide[guide link]. Inspect the back of the browning dial and adjust it in the needed direction: right for browner/hotter, left for lighter/cooler. Reassemble the toaster and verify that the toast is browning to your liking.

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brentwood toaster model TS-292R is brand new never used and the lever won’t stay down when pushed down. It looks like the magnet that is suppost to hold the lever down won’t engage when pushed down.

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