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Eastern Washington University, Team S1-G6, Carnegie Fall 2018

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Etiqueta del equipo: EWU-CARNEGIE-F18S1G6

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We have a diverse team with various backgrounds and skills we can bring to the table. Ariel Gall, has a background in Visual Communication Design as well as a minor in Japanese. Ariel can bring design and coding skills to the team, as well as some writing and editing skills as needed. Katie Hartwig's background is in sports photography, specificly MMA. She's currently working on a degree in VCD and can bring photography and writing skills to the team. Markell Parks is currently a Junior here at Eastern Washington University. He is majoring in Technical Communication/English with a minor in Africana education and Humanities. He can bring to the team communication, writing, and design skills. Sage Davis is also a Junior at Eastern Washington University. His intended major is in Communication with a minor in Japanese, and has skills in repairs and hands on work, in addition to photography and writing skills.