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Replaced fan easily

Joerg Mertin -

Mac mini Mid 2010

Mac Mini Mid 2010 Fan Replacement

Mac Mini Mid 2010 Fan Replacement

2 minutos

Very easy

Mi Problema

Had replaced the harddisk in my mac mini - however, there was no mention on how to remove the connector-clip of the FAN. While applying a little force - it actually broke. I did put it back, soldering mini-parts, but that was just a ugly hack.

Mi Solucion

Flawless. Easier than replacing the HD. Took barely 1 minute.

Mi Consejo

Yes - I did not do it - but eventually, for all the mini-clip connectors, eventually a 2 or 3 Picture guideline on how to remove it. Pull up, or pull to the back etc. That would have prevented me breaking the first one (also - this happens quite often according to the forum stories).

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