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The iPod Touch First Gen Battery Replacement

Paul A Jackson -

iPod Touch 1st Generation

iPod Touch 1st Generation Battery Replacement

iPod Touch 1st Generation Battery Replacement

Very difficult

Mi Problema

My son has had his iPod touch for about 2 or more years and the battery was at a point that the unit would not hold a charge for very long. He uses this thing continuously and it is important to him. I had seen on iFixit that you had a replacement battery and the tools/instructions on how to do it. I am an electrician and a electronics enthusiast so ordered up the tools and replacement battery and got it done

Mi Solucion

Did the repair in very short order, the instructions on the iFixit website guiding me all the time and the repair was a success, i am a hero because of you guys!

Mi Consejo

iFixit ROCKS!

Imagen iPod touch (Gen 1) Replacement Battery
iPod touch (Gen 1) Replacement Battery


Imagen Spudger


Imagen Metal Spudger Set
Metal Spudger Set


Imagen Probe and Pick Set
Probe and Pick Set


Imagen Lead-Free Solder
Lead-Free Solder


Imagen Desoldering Braid
Desoldering Braid


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