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iPhone 2G battery replacement

Deeptesh -

iPhone 1st Generation

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iPhone 1st Generation Battery Replacement

55 minutos - 1 hora

Very difficult

Mi Problema

The old battery died completely.

Mi Solucion

Replacing the battery was easy thanks to iFixit but the problem was the home button is also not working anymore. Since it's a jailbroken phone I installed Activator and used a double click on the sleep button to simulate a home button action. Then I went to erase all data and settings from the phone and now it is stuck on the boot logo. iTunes cannot detect the phone, and I cannot get it into DFU mode because the home button doesn't work. I have the phone stripped at the moment. I need some suggestions to get the home button working or replacing the home button. The phone is unusable at present.

Mi Consejo

I need advise.

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