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My iphone mishap

kyshann -

iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G Front Panel Replacement

iPhone 3G Front Panel Replacement


Mi Problema

The plumber was just at my house about to install a new shower head in our bathroom. Naturally a part was cracked, so I had to go and replace it. The box wasn't correctly closed unbeknownst to me. So, as always, I'm in a hurry to get out the door and make it back so I can pick up my daughter from school. I have one hour. So me, with my newly injured right elbow, decide to carry a pocketbook, cell phone, sunglasses, keys and a bulky box, all in my left hand and arm. The boxflips open, Im trying to grab everything from falling, the cell phone goes face down on the tile floor and the box bounces off of it. All I think is OMG, my new phone....sure enough, I pick it up turn it over....shattered. No...I love my phone! And my husbands gonna bug, we just got the phone. Luckily it still worked. So, I asked my son what to do because his friend has cracked more than one screen. He said go to ifixit to get a new one. I ordered my new screen after about a month of keeping it in a sandwich bag (so ghetto) so as not cut my face or fingers while talking or playing words with

I was not willing to pay $90 to have it fixed or $150 to replace it. For $42, I did it myself :)

Mi Solucion

Pretty smoothly. I followed a you tube how to.

I was worried it wasn't going to work because after I installed the screen, I got nothing except for the quick light up, but no apps. I troubleshot on google and discovered I had to hold down the home button and the button at the top. Once I did that, I was back in business. :)

Mi Consejo

Yes, hold down the 2 buttons when you're done. And watch those screws, they're sooo tiny. :)

Imagen iPhone 3G and 3GS Front Panel Adhesive Strips
iPhone 3G and 3GS Front Panel Adhesive Strips


Imagen iPhone 3GS Front Panel
iPhone 3GS Front Panel


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