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Brick streets are bad for IPhones.

sherry -

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS Front Panel Replacement

iPhone 3GS Front Panel Replacement


Mi Problema

Iphone fell out of my pocket, hit the old street made of bricks. Shattered the front panel. Phone still worked, just couldn't see anything. I don't have a contract anymore, and am still on the ATT unlimited plan, so there was no way I was going to buy a new phone or have to sign a contract. This was the only option.

Mi Solucion

Took about hour & a half. Mostly because we had to remove all the tiny pieces of glass from the adhesive. And the suction cup didn't work because it couldn't get a grip on the front panel with all the cracks. Had to use the suction near the hinge area and use a tiny screwdriver to wedge up the bottom corner. The rest of the repair went well, but I think I need some way to seal the sides of the phone. But it works better than it did before. Much more responsive.

Mi Consejo

A small razor knife or blade ( and I mean tiny!) is helpful in removing the adhesive. But use carefully!

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