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macbook air no audio input/output resolved

kidnurse1970 -

MacBook Air Models A1237 and A1304

MacBook Air Models A1237 and A1304 Audio Cable Replacement

MacBook Air Models A1237 and A1304 Audio Cable Replacement


Mi Problema

I use this computer daily in grad school. We have online sessions (basically chatrooms with instructors and fellow students) so I needed my audio component. One day I noticed no audio input with little icon under speaker volume (ie, when you adjust volume, the little "screen" that usually appears was greyed out, with no sound. I tried several fixes recommended online, but none worked until I received these parts from ifixit. (Online fixes suggested reboot, plug something into the usb port or the headphone jack, etc. None worked until I got brave enough to take the computer apart and install the part i ordered from ifixit.)

Mi Solucion

I am not a computer guru,so i was dreading the repair - I would have been less anxious doing eye surgery on my own mother! But the photos and included graphics made it super easy (ie, the screws are clearly labeled as "2.8mm", for example and are coded with corresponding colors in the photos - nothing could make it more simple. Ifixit is simply the best site with excellent and easily understood photos, which are all well labeled.)

Mi Consejo

Best advice i could give anyone would be label your screws and lay them on something like separate post-it notes, with appropriate sizes written. If you do this in order, it makes the process much easier to put them back together. I also made notes such as "speaker" next to the size which held in the speaker. I lost count, but there were something like approx 26 different screws, some of which were almost as tiny as those used in eyeglasses - again, i don't exactly recall, but those 26 screws were something like, 9 different sizes - if you don't have some labeling system, you'll never put the right size in the correct location. Just keeping them labeled and also keeping those labels in sequence makes the reversal process of putting it back together much less scary.

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