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2009 MacBook Pro gets a new lease on life!

John Joslin -

MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2009

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MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2009 DC-In Board Replacement

4 horas


Mi Problema

No power, dead battery, etc.

Mi Solucion

I decided to do a couple of other errands since I was going to be in the area :) .... so I replaced the Fan ( ...still good but 9 years old ! ) , Subwoofer/Right Speaker, & the Left Speaker ( BOTH speakers bad ; buzzy, garbled sound ...) , as well as the defective MagSafe DC-IN Board.

The guides were the best and were very easy to 'layer/sequence' in w/ each other to facilitate multiple installation/repairs w/o re-tracing steps or doing things twice, etc.

The whole thing took 4-hours... but entirely enjoyable... especially for a beginner!

It really helped in doing a simultaneous 'multiple repair' to 1st PRINT out a hard-copy of each separate repair guide before starting in w/ the tools! Then using a 'highliter' pen & sharpie to jot down notes... I was able to mix & match on the fly ... jumping to whichever specific repair guide I needed at the time . I maintained the MagSafe DC-IN Board guide as a 'MASTER' guide because it described the most extensive disassembly procedure. The other repairs (Fan, Left Speaker, Right Speaker) then dove-tailed in nicely since most of the disassembly required was ALREADY DONE & I could skip to the uniquely relevant features of EACH repair guide quickly as needed !!

Mi Consejo

Read through the Repair Guides online a couple of times... scanning the 'comments' to get a picture of some of the tight spots others have run into!!

Also, hard-copy PRINT outs of the repair guide are great if you're a messy, excitable type who likes to plunge right in & have fun w/ tools scattered all over the place quickly!! ( I DIDN'T even have any ((safe, stable)) space on my worktable for a laptop to easily consult the online repair guides. )

As I juggled & threw the repair guide(s) around, pages floated to the floor more than once... but harmlessly!

Hard copy repair guides are also great for MARKING up w/ 'notes' as you go... sometimes it's nice when traveling the RETURN (re-assembly) path to see a choice 'hint' about putting the thing back together that you scrawled an hour earlier when you were happily tearing something apart... it can really help . (The re-assembly can be slightly tricky since if you're a novice like me , you're trying to go through the repair guide 'backwards' and you have to concentrate a bit more than when 'rushing' forwards through it the first time!)

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Phillips #00 Screwdriver


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