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Missing DVD drive

lapski -

iMac Intel 17"

iMac Intel 17" Optical Drive Replacement

iMac Intel 17" Optical Drive Replacement


Mi Problema

I own an imac24, where the drive all of a sudden couldnt release discs. It didnt take me long to notice that its not just a drive. you cant buy this as a part in denmark. I read about fixit and went there to order the drive. This was not in stock and about 1 month later i received an email telling me that it was in stock. It only took 3 days to be shipped and delivered.

Mi Solucion

I had some issues regarding the replacement. Drive did exactly the same as my first drive. Turned out to be the black plasctic slot that the drive was attached to that had to small nots that didnt fit this drive. I simply cut these 2 off, and now drive works perfect.

Mi Consejo

No advice, service was great.

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