MacBook Pro not satrting up and goes to the sleep


I am using macbook pro 15" laptop.The battery was dead and got swelled.Still my laptop was working with plug powered in.Yesterday it was working and suddenly it went to sleep mode.Now the system is not working.When i restart the system nothing happening and screen is blank.Only the sleep mode light is on.Even i removed the battery and directly powered on.Again only the sleep light is getting on and the screen is still blank.Could anyone advice is it because of dead battery?Will replacing a new battery solve this problem?macbook pro wont start with direct a/c connection without a battery connected?Pls advice me.

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Try connecting to an external monitor - that will indicate if the problem is VCG(VPU) / logic board or in the display components.

AFAIK if you have a working power supply the computer should start... unless the swollen battery did other internal damage.

If the battery is an Apple part it may be replaced free of charge.

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What does the light in front do? Is it solid when you turn it on? Is it pulsing slowly like it would be in sleep mode? That little light is actually an indicator for us techs.

If its a solid light see here:

standby light glowing but not starting up

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yes. the light is solid.


See my link on the first comment. If you start up your computer and you hear the disk drive spin up for a second and nothing comes on the screen and the light stays solid most likely we are talking about a a dead logic board. 9 out of 10 times this issue comes to my bench it's dead logic board.

That being said if you have not had your logic board already replaced because of a bad GPU you may be able to get apple to replace it because of a large repair recall they did in the Past. It is dependent on your serial number but it may, if you are lucky, get you a free repair.


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