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low/bad battery not holding charge

I am trying to fix ipod a126 model by replacing battery=am not sure if battery you have available will work in my ipod.also, is this a repairable device?

pharmedie (Edie)

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check the number for your model.

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Edie Beckman, not sure about the model number you listed. Anyhow, if you iPod is a Nano 3rd Gen, then yes, the battery is available. Here is the guide, and you can get the battery from here as well as many other places. Not an easy task, but it can be done. Hope this helps, good luck.

Imagen de iPod nano (3rd Gen) Battery


iPod nano (3rd Gen) Battery


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Yes you can repair it by replacing the battery and you can find the replacement battery online on Amazon or eBay then follow some tutorials available on YouTube to replace it yourself.

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David - You just repeating OldTurkey's answer here he posted a year ago! And you don't even offer any new supporting links. Just telling someone 'Look on eBay or YouTube' isn't helpful, its just a copout. The best thing here is just up the vote of the best answer unless the answer is wrong or incomplete. Then and only then add in your two cents, either as an answer or a comment. If you continue this way I'm sure you will be marked as a spammer as you are not helping people just distracting them with your nonsense.

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