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Procesador Core 2 Duo modelo A1225 / mediados de 2007 y principios de 2008 / 2.4, 2.8 o 3.06 GHz

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What optical drive bay do I need for a sata hardrive

I have a 2008 Imac and I would like to install a second hard drive. but the guide says to use a Sata to hardirve optical bay thing...The imac I have uses an IDE conection to the disk drive...

Would this work for what Im after ?

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Contact the maker of the kit and ask them if the unit will work with your specific iMac. If not do they have a kit that will work? It may be as simple as using a different hard drive with IDE connections but they should know and stand behind their product. Good luck.

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Optical Bay Adapters are different. Most of the new ones will handle a SATA drive in the bay and continue to connect to the logic board via the built in IDE BUS.

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My imac is a 8,1 it has a ata optica drive, I know its not sata, its the same kind of drive in the early 2008 macbooks,

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You said, "The imac I have uses an IDE conection to the disk drive..."

I think you made a mistake there. Your iMac does not have an IDE connection to its "disk drive", it has a SATA connection to its disk drive (HDD), but that is not relavent to the question that you are asking, I think.

It seems that you want to remove your "optical drive" (ie, DVD drive, not your disk drive), put a caddy in there and install a 2.5" SATA drive, correct? The interface for that optical DVD drive in your iMac is IDE/ PATA, so you need a hard drive bay to connect a SATA drive to that PATA connector.

Yes, you can, relatively cheaply. I just bought one from Amazon for about $10. It is an HDE, part # N105.

At Amazon, search for "12.7mm SATA HDD Caddy to PATA". I hesitate to put a hyperlink to the product, it might change.

Good luck.

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A optial drive takes disks. SO thats why its called a disk drive. it takes disks. I am sorry if my english is such a problem. How could get get hardrive. IF I wanted my harddrive out I would of said the harddrive. but then there would be no boot volume, and thanks for showing me the right prouduct, seems your the only good one around here.

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I didn't invent the terminology, it is what it is, its standard. "Disk drive" means hard drive, "optical drive" means CD/ DVD. Yes, both use a "disk" so it's confusing, that's why we use standard terms, so it is not confusing.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I answered your question- "what optical drive bay do I need", and I told you where to get one pretty cheap.

Please indicate that I answered your question.

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