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Information and repair instructions for Whirlpool Freezer

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Why would my Whirlpool freezer stop freezing?

It started to first put frost on everything than slowly started thawing everything out.

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thank you so much Bill...i think i am going to have someone come and loo at it. the compressor i think is working cuz i do hear the noises. the fridge part of it seems to be fine so I think im better off calling someone...thank goodness for a deep freeze that i

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It could be a variety of problems: Does it sound like the compressor pump is running or not? Are the cooling fins blocked with dust & debris to the point that they can't radiate the heat from them? Maybe it sprung a leak and the freon escaped out of the system?

Here is a link that explains how refrigeration works:

Whether you want to get it fixed or just buy a new one depends on how old the freezer is and how much a repair shop will charge VS the price of a new freezer at a local store.

Hope this helps,


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Defrost board?

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