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The Motorola Atrix 4G is dual-core Android-powered phone by Motorola. Model Number: MB860.

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Multiple problems with my phone, what do I need?

So about 8 months ago I dropped my phone onto my carpeted floor, and now theres a horizontal strip about an inch wide on the top of my screen that doesnt respond. Then About a month or so ago I dropped it on my bathroom floor and cracked the screen. Shortly after that I noticed that my wi-fi doesnt connect to anything, and only says "error" and turns itself off. And 2 days ago after nothing significant theres now a vertical strip all the way from top to bottom in the middle of my screen that doesnt respond.

I looked into the first problem when it happened and I now think its the digitizer, but I'm not sure because i dont even know what that is, but if its the touch screen then hopefully that would fix that problem, the wifi I have no idea, and obviously the cracked screen is pretty straight forward. So for the time being should I just replace the digitizer and the screen? Would that help most of my problems?

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Ok so successfully got the digitizer in, and after some work got the phone back together. It seems to have fixed all of my touch screen problems, which is great. unfortunately my volume buttons dont work, but no big deal, and my notification LED no longer works, also no big deal. I definitely got the better end of that deal. Thanks for all the help

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Oh and the wifi still isnt working, and the finger sensor doesnt work (both of which were not working prior to the repair).

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Recheck all your connects and clean any dust out to see if that helps. If the volume worked before it sounds like a cable connection. As for wifi... Try update/restore from backup

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Rane, that should help your display problems. Not sure why a horizontal stripe would show up 8month after a drop. I do not think that it is related. As for your WiFi, make sure that all your connectors are properly seated, and that there are no broken cables. It is possible that the drop on the tile floor knocked a cable loose, or broke part of the logic board. Replace the display, and check the board. Let us know what you find. The display replacement will not fix the WiFi.

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ok thanks a lot, I FINALLY just got in my replacement digitizer so just preparing to put it in now, will let you know how it goes.

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Did you fix the wifi problem?

Mine has the same issue, i saw that removing the internal batt could fix it, and temporally it did, but after some seconds o minutes it will disconnect and when triying to reconnect says error and suddenly it restarts.

Someone has fixed this problem?

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