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The first Legacy was available at Japanese dealerships on February 1, 1989, with worldwide distribution starting in 1990.

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Seized Left Rear Wheel

my L/R wheel is seized,is it the rear hub unit bearing?

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What is your definition of "seized"? what does it do and what does it not do? Did this just start? What type of transmission does it have?

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wheel will not engage forward or reverse,just happened,auto transmittion

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is it FWD or AWD?

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Its All Wheel Drive

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Same thing, check the brakes, see if you can release the brakes and if your wheel will turn. Possible seized bearing or seized rear differential :(

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Donna, if it is a FWD model, it is possible that your hub has seized up. Of course, the only way to really determine this is to, jack up the car, remove the wheel, and remove the rear brake. Possibly that your break is causing this too. Check to make sure that the brake shoes from the parking brake are properly releasing, and the the brake caliper is not seized.

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