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Updating From 10.3 to 10.4 or 5?


I have an iBook G4 10.3.9 and can't update Firefox and certain sites (such as Myspace). There are 256MB. Do I need to add memory and how do I go about updating to a higher version?



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You machine already has what it needs to run tiger (10.4) to run leopard (10.5), upgrade the memory (RAM) to 512MB+ and you computer can run it.

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I personally would add 1GB of memory. (Max it out) Ralph

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If you haven't purchased your new OS yet I would recommend going to OS 10.5. My understanding is that Firefox will no longer update for 10.4 and below. When Firefox 3.7 comes out it will be for 10.5 of 10.6. Ralph

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My source for the comment about Firefox. Ralph

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thank you all so much for the responses. this was very helpful!!

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Yes, upgrading the RAM to 1GB is a good idea, but my iBook G3 runs tiger fast with 384MB.

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