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The first generation Mazda MX-5, or Miata.

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1990 miata will not crank battery good lights bright

miata will not start or crank only humming sound lights do not dim have a new battery

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tom, right now It does sound like your starter is not working. I would expect the lights to go dim, if your starter was engaging and drawing power from the battery. I suggest that you test the starter according to this:"

NOTE: Before testing, ensure battery is fully charged, battery cables and terminals are clean and tight and engine grounds are good.


1) Turn ignition switch to START position, depress clutch and ensure starter operates. If starter does not operate, use voltmeter to check voltage at "S" terminal when clutch is depressed and ignition is turned to START position. See Fig. 1.

2) If voltage is less than 8 volts, check starter interlock switch and ignition switch to starter wiring circuit for short to ground. If voltage is greater than 8 volts and starter is inoperative, starter has an internal fault. Repair or replace as required."

Hope this helps, good luck.

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I tested the starter and didn't get any voltage any ideas?

- de

@Jonah Willard where did you measure it? Year make and model of your vehicle? You have checked your battery and the battery cables?

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@oldturkey03 It ended up being the dealer optioned security system. Thanks.

- de

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Since the starter/coil is not easy to get to , you can measure the "S" terminal voltage at the wire coming off the starter interlock switch. This switch is mounted directly in front of the clutch pedal arm. Two wires come from the switch to a 2-position connector. On my Miata they are black/red stripe wires and a thicker gauge than the other wires you'll see under there. One wire comes from the ignition switch, the other goes to the "S" terminal in the engine bay. Stick a volt-meter lead into the back of connector into either connector wire and the other ground lead to a ground point.

Press in the clutch pedal, Start the engine and look at the voltage per the instructions above

You can also disconnect the switch at the connector and put a jumper wire in the ignition wire side of the connector. Press in the clutch and turn the ignition to start. If the switch was bad the car should start.

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