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Segunda generación de iPad con Wi-Fi, lanzado el 11 de marzo de 2011. Número de modelo A1395. La reparación es difícil y requerirá calor.

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iPad 2(3?) power/volume/mute flex difference?

I encountered a problem with a power/mute/volume flex cable repair of an iPad 2 WIFI.

I opened the iPad and discovered an iPad 2 digitizer, iPad 2 backcover, but some iPad 3-looking flexcables.

The flex cable is the one in the following picture:

Block Image

As you can see it is different from the iPad 2 flex cable.

When I search on the internet, I cannot find this part anywhere. Does anyone have any suggestions where to get it, or some more info about the part?



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Why dont you try iPod Repair Center those guys are really up to date on their parts.

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When apple released the iPad 3, they also updated the iPad 2 to version 2,4. The new version of the iPad 2 features a 32 nm chip, which gives a significant boost to battery life.

It is possible that the iPad 2,4 has a new PMV (power/mute/volume) cable.

You could always send it in to the guys at SPAM, I know they offer free diagnostics and they may be able to find the part you need.

Did you recently purchase the iPad 2? Was it after The New iPad (iPad 3) was released?

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Where can I buy it?

I cannot find it anywhere in stock :S

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The cable on the picture is power/volume flex cable for new updated iPad 2. Like Joshua said when iPad 3 was released they updated the inside of iPad 2.

You should be able to find it on ebay. Here is one listing but this seller is mistakenly stating that this is iPad 3 power/volume flex.

Hope that helps.

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Here is your cable, and in stock, by the way there are 2 options for that cable, pre 2012 and after, they have them both, I have never had any problems with this supplier.

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This is the way to go. You can also find great do it yourself parts right here on iFixit

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