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curser is stuck in upper right corner

My Mac book Air pointer is stuck in the upper right corner and will not move.

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Kits de Reparación de Batería de MacBook Air

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First things first: provide us with the last four letters of your serial code.

I also take your keyboard is working fine... or it isn't?

While we wait for more informations, try the following things:

  1. Reset your SMC, as told in the Apple Guide, and try again. Is your trackpad working? If not;
  2. check what happens if you connect an external mouse, an economic, "windows" spare is fine, I use a Microsoft older than dirt with my Macbook and it never complained. If your keyboard has issues too, try with an USB keyboard as well Is your laptop working fine with an external mouse? If it does
  3. Try creating a new user account, or better, reinstall OS X on an external disk, if you can, or backup your data and try a fresh install

If it keeps being stuck, you may have a broken trackpad.

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