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Released on July 21, 2011. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Thunderbolt. This unit is also used to run the Mac mini Server configuration.

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Mac Mini will not start after lightning strike


I have a Mac Mini Mid 2011 2,3GHz i5 that will not start after my router was broken by a lightning strike. Mac Mini was connected to the router by ethernet. It was just the router and Mac Mini that was damaged by the lightning strike.

When I try to push the power-button on the Mini, nothing happens. I've tried different power cables without luck. I suspect that the power supply is broken, and perhaps the logic board.

I have not opened the Mac yet, because then the guarantee is violated. I have neither delivered my Mac to an Apple repair shop, because they would bill me over 100$ (in the country where I live) just to locate the problem (which I happens to believe is the P/S and Logic Board).

Should I sell the Mac as it is, or should I violate the guarantee and check the problem myself? Or is it worth the 100$ to have the Apple repair shop to look at it?

If only the power supply is broken, the repair shop would bill me 400$ for the repair. I am considering changing the power supply my self if this is the problem. But if the logic board is damaged as well, then I guess it is a pretty huge job changing that too.

Any advice what to do? If I should try to fix the Mac on my own, any advice where I could buy a power supply and a Logic Board?

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I do a lot of insurance claim reports on lightning hits. My customers usually end up with a new machine and I usually get the old one. With lightning, you can get what's called cascading failures (the first part is repaired and the next part fails). I'm using just such a machine right now. The hard drive is usually recoverable. On my machine, the ports got fried. All the USB ports failed, airport gone, ethernet port gone, with no way to do anything but boot. So a logic board replacement was the only way to restore it. I got around it by using Sonnet PCIe cards for ethernet and USB. Since you do not have this option, your costs could sky rocket as you replace parts. Best to just replace it. By the way, your phones probably all got hit and the lines may need to be replaced. Talk to your agent.

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