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iBook g4 only boots when resting at 90 degree angle.

My Macbook G4 1.33mhz only boots when I rest it on its side, at a 90 degree angle, on the side of the power port. If I start it up resting normally, horizontally, it will go to a gray screen or to the question mark. The fan will not do its initial run either, only when started on it's side.

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When the iBook flashes the ? on the screen then it means that it can't find an operating system or in your case a hard drive. What you need is a new hard drive because the one that you currently have might have an old spinner inside and because of its age it can only turn under certain circumstances(I think you are mistaking the hard drive noise with the fan noise as these models have fans that only come on at a certain point). If you find an external hard drive you can try and boot from that or you can install an new hard drive inside(ifixit has several great manuals).

Hope this helps.

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It eventually turns on and works fine after I get it to boot. Does this still mean I need a new harddrive?

Also, how does the - having to turn it on its side -factor in?

I appreciate the response.

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When you turn it on its side and it boots then does it work at any angle? The turning might move components inside of the hard drive, or, after some thought, it may move the hard drive cable inside. Sometimes things can only start under certain circumstances. I once had a macbook that would only start if you held it upsidown while booting it, but then worked from then on. Sometimes its just about making a connection to get it started.

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Yes, once it's on, it works correctly at any angle. I'm wondering if I should check the hard drive cable. I did have the hard drive replaced about three years ago. They might have not connected it firmly enough.

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