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My Fire is frozen up.

I cannot shut down the unit, and it has been locked up since 9:25 pm EDST.

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mine is frozen up all day 5/11/17. I can"t do anything on it. any suggestions there is no way to get to the reset button


I have a Kindle 8 that has frozen at the opening screen, and a Kindle 10 that my grandkids shoved the microchip up into the socket where I can't reach it to remove it. All I get when I ask is a variation of "stinks to be you" from most "technicians" I have spoken to. Is no one awake at either Kindle or any other repair place who can work on Kindle products?


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jojack6200, try this "Performing a hard reset on your Kindle Fire may resolve intermittent issues like a frozen screen, battery issues or trouble downloading content to your Kindle Fire. Allow your Kindle Fire to charge for approximately 30 minutes, then try the following steps.

To perform a hard reset on your Kindle Fire, press and hold the power button for 20 seconds and then release. After the device has completely turned off, press the power button to restart your Kindle Fire.

If your Kindle Fire is still unresponsive, try charging your Kindle Fire before trying to reset the device again." from here.

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doesn,t tell you what else to try.


no i tried this about 50 times in the last month. all it does is change the bloody screen saver not good paid over £120 when i first brought it


try runnin the battery out at some point. Let it happen and it will power down. Problem solved. Then plug in, make sure it is fully charged before touching it. After a good charge, then do the power restart. be sure younare holding the power button down without releasing it for forty full seconds? It doesnt have to be turned off to do this. It will turn off by itself as you hold it down. Do not stop pressing the button while this happens, nor if it restarts during the forty seconds. If it wont shut down while pressing the power button and holding it til it does shut down, then the power button is the problem and frozen screen is secondary . Call amazon support. if this doesnt work. They have walked me through fixes and were awesome the handful of times i had issues. On my third kindle now. Had em since the day they were invented. Always will. P.s. None have died of natural causes.


Mine has frozen, but when I did what was said to do it comes on but only shows the name kindle fire. That's all it has done in a while


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