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Repair and disassembly information for Framework's modular and upgradable laptop, now featuring 12th gen Intel CPUs, a 13.5" display, and swappable ports. Originally released July 2021.

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Advice on a certain issue in my school.

Hello Ifixit,

Recently, I have been making strides towards using a framework laptop for my school and undergrad (shortly) needs. However, seeing as my current school is an Apple-certified school (in simpler terms, this means they suck off Apple at any chance they get), they require all students to have an Apple-made laptop running MACOS Sonoma. This rule is absolute bullshit, but I would like to use my laptop without being punished for not paying for overpriced and over-glorified Apple laptops. Any advice on how I can dispute this rule and attempt to avoid getting into too much trouble in my school? I am passionate about DIY and having a repairable laptop, and as you all know, Apple doesn't come close to meeting any of those, and likely won't in the future.

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Please people, if you see this, even if you don't have an answer, upvote this.

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I wouldn't pretend to think anyone faculty or otherwise at my university would care what my opinion was when I attended. I was not there to disagree with the administration, I was not there to change policies or rules that they had in place before my arrival.

I was there to get the education I was paying for. I am not disagreeing with you I am just pointing out that in life sometimes is not about what we want or how we feel about something. I don't get to pick the laptop or system that the companies I consult for choose to give me.

I have been moved from Windows to Mac multiple times and even Linux Distros depending on where I was consulting and how the companies were structured.

I mean if you feel it is something worth fighting for and that it is more important than just doing what you need to do to get the piece of paper and possibly being known as "that guy" then rock on man.


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Installing macOS on a computer built for Windows has been a thing for a long while.

There are methods to get macOS running, but each computer needs a slightly different process and I recommend viewing multiple tutorials to get a better understanding.

Look up "sonoma hackintosh" on YouTube, and there are a few videos covering this.

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yeah they rejected that and said "I needed a genuine apple product otherwise I would not be able to participate in classes." Absolute bullshit.

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