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MSI GF65 Thin 10UE Doesn't Power On.

Hi, I got a second hand MSI GF65 Thin 10UE. It doesn't power on and I thought I would have a go at trying to fix it. When the power button is pressed, nothing happens. It's completely dead. I tried the MSI battery drain to see if they fixed it but it did not. I took it apart to see if there is any burn marks but I can't see anything. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could look for or try? Thanks.

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Hi @stretchxst16227

Does the laptop indicate that that the battery is being charged when the charger is connected to the laptop, i.e. battery status LED turns on? Not sure if you meant that the charger was connected or not when you said that it doesn't power on.

Try resetting the laptop by disconnecting the charger (if connected) from the laptop and inserting a paper clip into the battery reset hole, located on the underside of the laptop, for 10 seconds, then reconnect the charger and see if it turns on

Update (05/02/24)

Hi @stretchxst16227


There should be 19.5V DC on the output side of the jack (motherboard side) when testing between the +ve and -ve connections when the charger is connected.

Alternatively, disconnect the charger and use an Ohmmeter to prove continuity between the centre +ve pin on the input side of the jack and the +ve jack connection of the output side and then the -ve ring connector on the input side and the -ve jack connection on the output side.

If the jack is OK here's an image from the MS-16W1 motherboard schematic that may help. I realize that it isn't the same model as your board but hopefully there's not much difference at least as far as the DC input circuit is concerned.

Worth a look until you find the correct schematic. I haven't found it.

Block Image

(click on image)

Update (05/02/24)


Found a link to the boardview file which will help to identify the components on the board at least.

Looks like you have to sign up to download though.

Here's the schematic for the MS-16W1.

Probably not the same but you can only try at this stage.

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Thanks for your reply. I've tried powering it on with and without the charger (as well as using a different charger) but it didn't turn on. There is no indicator that the laptop is being charged when plugged in.

- de


Did you try pressing the battery reset button as suggested?

You may have to check that the DC-In jack (example only) is OK.

What can sometimes happen is that the centre +ve pin of the jack, breaks internally and this opens the power path between the charger and the motherboard.

If this is the case then the jack will have to be replaced as it cannot be repaired.

If the jack is OK then the schematic for the motherboard would be needed to find out what's wrong.

What's the motherboard make and model number? usually this is found on the motherboard itself. Knowing this may make it easier to find.

- de

For testing the DC-IN jack, Is it similar to testing the charger with the multimeter as in I should be getting 19V coming in from the jack or?

The board is MS-16W21 but I haven't had much luck finding the schematic yet.

- de

Just checked the jack, I am getting 19 coming on the other side of the jack so I think we can rule out the jack working.

- de

Thanks! I'll take a look!

- de

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