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3rd generation Time Capsule, model A1355. Released in October 2009.

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"Internal Disk Needs Repair" if unplugged. Works fine after formatting

My Third Gen time capsule with upgraded 3TB HDD will give out the "Internal Disk Needs Repair" Message if unplugged for any amount of time. It is not a hard drive fault because it has the same exact issue with other drives and files, backups, and whatnot work fine and will restore fine as long as it doesn't get the power cut. But if it gets unplugged then it will force you to reformat the drive and loose everything. This unit has worked great for many years but has just started this a few weeks ago (or at least I first noticed it after a power outage). Maybe it is something obvious but it is just making me scratch my head because it just doesn't make any sense to me. I really don't want to get rid of it because it is cheap, easy, and is very hands off compared to most other solutions so if anyone has an answer then I would love that. Thank you.

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I don’t remember does this series of TC’s have a PRAM battery or capacitor to hold its settings? What happens when you leave it plugged in (powered) as well as just hit the reset switch?

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Thanks for the response Dan. I will check when I get back home tonight.

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Hey Dan, a reset via switch does not make the error appear and resets as it normally would keeping the disk intact. If you unplug the Time Capsule still has the same disk issue so the reset didn't fix it either. I am pretty sure this series does not have a PRAM battery from my experience opening it. I currently am zeroing out the disk to see if that could fix it but I have my doubts.

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So after messing around with it a bit more I happened to come across an old hard drive I had lying around. Popped it in and it worked perfectly fine. Maybe it is just a specific issue with the HP branded Seagate ST3000NM033 that caused it to not work; though it is still weird that the hard drives worked fine previously. It works as expected now with a WD Red WD50EFRX.

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