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Released around 2018, the T8 electric scooter is better known by one of it's many rebranded names such as the Fluid FreeRide Horizon, Apollo Light, and in its most well-known iteration as the Zero 8.

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Why my scooter is not working?

The which is pass through the handle to the battery are collapse after that my scooter is automatically on and off after sometime the scooter is off and never start plz help me

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Something is lost in the translation. A scooter is relatively simple electrically. A battery, motor, on/off switch, speed control and associated wires and connectors. The electronics for the speed control is likely a sealed PWM module, so no need to get into that.

You must start at the battery with a DMV. and trace the power to the switch, then to the Speed control and to the motor.

HOWEVER, you can learn a lot by manipulating the controls to see what happens and what does not. Post a detailed description of that and someone may be able to point you to the problem.

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