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touch screen ZIF connector tab snapped off

Block Image

Block Image

First of all, does anyone know where I can get the replacement part for this if I want to do soldering? I have no soldering experience so I would like to avoid that if I can. Secondly, I was wondering if I can simply fix this with tape and something to hold it in place.
I lost the tab that snapped off so I can't use that. From my understanding though, all I need to do is make sure its firmly pressed down in the socket for it to work. Pictures attached are my motherboard and a picture of what it's supposed to look like with the grey tab. Thanks yall

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@logtrist tape will not provide the need pressure/hold down force to ensure proper contact. You really need to replace the connector the proper way. Sometimes you can reinsert the clip. Try that. If that does not work get a replacement connector from places like this and many others and have somebody solder it on for you.

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How dumb would it be if I ordered soldering stuff and tried doing it myself? Would it be too risky since I've never done it before? If I was to take it to someone would it just be any tech store in my area or should I look somewhere specific?

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@logtrist it could be done but please practice on an old board etc first. Nothing dumb about it. AS in for who can do in your area, that'll depend on where you are. In my area I would be looking at local trade schools, universities/colleges with engineering course as well as high schools. RC clubs and ham radio operators are another great source. I do believe that there is always somebody that is willing to help out

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