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Joy-Con has weird connection issues?

Final-final-update i swear: it was a motherboard issue. A few capacitors bursted and it affected the chip besides it. It was the very issue I didn't hope for :( I didn't see it at first because it was a tee wee lil' spot that wasn't very visible with the nakey eye. I'll recycle any parts I can for future repairs, so at least something positive :) I'm still thankful for any given answer!

Update: Added a video on the issue while in wireless

Update 2: a picture of what the screen shows me when the joycons are wirelessly connected, it says it's charging while it shouldn't

Hi! My right joycon has gotten a very weird issue recently. It connects and disconnects when in handheld mode in a one-second tact, and in wireless mode it thinks it's connected to the console (while it obviously isn't) and keeps connecting and disconnecting in the same one-second tact. It can't even charge properly because of that.

I've already deleted the pairing in the settings and resynced them but it still does that. It definitely isn't a console issue as this joycon does that on every switch console I've tried out so far. Could it be a firmware issue? Is it somehow fixable or do I need to send it in?

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have you tried cleaning the connectors on the bottom of the joycon that connect it to the switch?

is your joycon updated to the newest firmware?

do other joycons work on your switch's right rail?

you might want to replace the rail/joycon slider if it still doesnt work after trying the things i mentioned above.

Left + Right Set Slider sliding rail with Flex Cable for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Left Joy-Con Charging Rail Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide (there is no right joycon guide, but this could still be used for a right joycon lol)

hope this helps ^^

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I did clean it, but I'm not sure if it is on the newest firmware since it can't update because of that issue. And fixing the rail would only fix half of the problem (if it will fix it at all) :/ other joycons work perfectly fine

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I'd try disconnecting the battery and trying a few times to turn the joycon on. This will (to my understanding) drain any residual power in the board, kind of a "hard reset". (Note that this might leave the joycon unable to boot without external power; at least, that's what it does to my chromebook. As long as it charges intermittenty when you connect it to the switch, I think that should be enough to get it to turn back on, but I haven't tested that.) Reconnect the battery and test it out!

If that doesn't work or you're not comfortable trying it, your best option is probably to send it to nintendo; they'll repair joycons for free.

It's not a special edition joycon, right?

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It is a special edition which makes this all even more frustrating :(

I did drain the mb once when it started having this issue, but maybe I didn't drain it enough. Will definitely try it out!

What I find weird is it just started happening with the latest switch updates. Could also be a coincidence only, but if it really is a console issue all right joycons would have these problems, would they not?

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@yukaissleepy Not necessarily. Software can be wacky, rare bugs do exist. I'm thinking it's either a firmware issue or a problem with your joycon's bluetooth antenna. If you disconnect the antenna, does the joycon work in handheld mode?

If so, replace that and hopefully you'll be good to go. Otherwise, I've got one more plan you can try. Get a normal shell and replace yours, send it to nintendo with the normal shell, then swap back after. You can use Joy-Con Toolkit to change the color it displays as, if you need to

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Yeah I figured. Always loved the wackiness software sometimes shows lmao

Just drained the mb, worked wonders! I hope the issue stays faaar faaaar away from my joycon for a long long time, thanks a lot!

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No problem. Glad to hear it worked!

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nevermind it started again i am losing my $@$*

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