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La PSP E100 es una consola de juegos portátil diseñada por Sony. También conocida como PSP Street, esta versión económica de PlayStation Portable se lanzó en octubre de 2011.

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What fuse rating is it for the psp e1000 (psp street) power fuse?

My power fuse got shorted and needs to be changed out for a new one but i cant find what ratings that would go for a new one. I have found people bridging the fuse but that would remove the protection of the fuse which i rather not do.

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@choukosenpai yes, never a good idea to apply jumpers. Replace the blown fuse with a 5V 2.5A fuse in a what looks like a 0603 package.

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Where would it be ideal to get the 0603 package?

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@choukosenpai measure the width and the length of you fuse first so we can make sure it’s a 0603. Depending on where you are try as well as sometimes even places like ebay or aliexpress sell them as sets.

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The length is 1.7mm and width is 0.8mm. Im from sweden

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@choukosenpai perfect. That is a 0603 package (1.5mm x 0.8mm) Farnell as well as Digikey have a Swedish outlet. Not sure about Mouser. Shipping is probably going to be expensive for just a few fuses. You may need to depend on Google to find someone else or even contact your repair cafe's. Those people are usually a wealth of information.

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Okay thank you very much!

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