My 3ds doesn't turn back on when opening it up

When I am playing a game, and close my 3ds it works fine. But when I re open my 3ds it doesn't turn on again, and it continued to stay in sleep mode with the blue light going brighter and darker. I tried putting magnets on the sensor, and it does nothing. I wasn't near magnets when closing it too. The only way I can get out of it is by holding the power button but then I lose all progress.

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This can indicate a problem with the circuitry that handles sleepmode.

If you feel comfortable with opening the device you can follow this guide and have a look for visual damage on the motherboard

Sustitución de la placa base de Nintendo 3DS XL 2015

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Is there a way I can turn it on by using a button combination or any other alternatives?

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@fancyduck you can try safe mode, but I wouldn't expect it to help. Using the 3DS's Safe Mode

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So no way that I can fix this till I check the damage

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