My New 3DS XL suffered heat damage and now makes a "pop" sound on boot

I thought that I already made a post about my problem but I can't find it, so i'm making a new one.

To put it simply, my New Nintendo 3DS XL was left over the dashboard of a car (idk the terms to describe it but it was inside the vehicle and directly exposed to the sun) for i believe up to an hour. And when I tried to turn it on, the blue LED lights up for a short time before a "Pop" sound is heard.

I don't have a repairshop near my location that could take care of it so i need to take care of it myself.

I only managed to open the console very recently because of a stripped screw, so i'll be able to provide pictures if needed.

Also it somehow managed to boot once without the "pop" sound and the back cover removed, and it looked like the upper screen is damaged (see image below). So i think that i'll buy a spare screen as well as a new battery just in case.

Block Image

Finally, the console still detects when it is being charged (with the battery still attached to it) and no cfw has been added beforehand.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me, and I apologise for my bad english (its not my first language)

EDIT 1 : I'm adding pictures of the battery as asked, and i will try to change the upper screen to see if it solves the problem.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Sounds like you might have damaged the battery if it ended up heated beyond what it should due to being placed on a dashboard that is probably a darker colour and because of this stores the heat better. Making the effective heat more on the DS. Any informative pictures to show the state of the battery or a known age of the system might help give more answers.

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@markusnorstroem I got it second-hand so i don't know it's exact age, but i got it 3 years ago.

I'm not currently at home so i can't provide a clear picture of the battery yet but it doesn't seem to be bloated or having anything unusual.

I'll edit my post to add pictures of the battery when i get home. Do you need pictures of something else ?

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@thomassoro_ Do you know if there is any damage to the board?

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Though it is a good idea to replace it to avoid any potential problems in the future, the battery is not at fault here.

3DS systems shut down with a pop when one of the parts is not connected properly (or not connected at all), like for example a top LCD. Given the look of yours, i'd say you found your culprit. Put in a new one and it should do the trick.

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@markusnorstroem would it be able to turn on and launch apps if that was the case ? Every button seemed to work fine

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