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Why does our iBook A1054 get poor internet packet transfer.

This is a followup question from a previous post because i now have a model number and better diagnostics.

We bought an iBook A1054 (G4 1.2 MHz) used computer for our grand daughter. It has had poor internet reception which I am now better able to describe as I have the compute in hand.

What is going on is abysmal packet transfers from the internet. The pattern is a spike and then almost nothing for 1-3 minutes (0 to very few bytes and packets). It takes a good 5 minutes for a page to load and Youtube videos come in in 1-2 second bursts followed by several minutes of silence. I realize that it is normal to have bursts of packets, but this is just too few to be functional.

This is not a wireless issue, as the performance is identical when connected to the network wirelessly or by ethernet. I also don't think it is the network as other computers in the house have great packet transfer, both wirelessly and over ethernet.

My network is made up utilizing several time capsules and airport expresses. The newer timecapsule is set automatic Radio mode which should accommodate everything from 802.11a thru n, and the older one is set up for 802.11.n (b/g compatible). The ibook has an airport extreme card compatible with 802.11g. It seems there should be no problem with compatibility.

In fact the computer exhibits the same behavior on 2 other networks I have tried it on.

Any ideas what might be going on here?


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Bypass all the wireless and plug directly into the router via an ethernet cable and test again. Go here and let us know your results, with wireless and wired:

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There is something major wrong here. It has been trying to load the speetest web site for 10 minutes and still not fully succeeded. I tried several different speedtest web sites. I hadn't tried this before as symptoms seemed to point to a hardware issue.

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