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My home button got too much isopropyl alcohol

In order to lift the home button off the broken screen, I had to pour some IPA 99% to unbind the adhesive.

But I may have used too much and some of it may have entered the home button.

As a result, Touch ID works, but clicking doesn't.

Is there anything I could do to fix this? Maybe using heat, and introducing something inside the home button to "unclog" it?

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I'm not entirely sure if this will help, but I ran into a similar issue with the button on an iPhone 6 that I had repaired. It wasn't clicking unless you pressed really hard on it and I eventually figured out that in the process of removing it I had knocked off the little rubber nub in the very center that transfers the button press to the little tiny domed contact.

Block Image

To fix it, I simply found a thin piece of rubber and cut out a tiny square (it doesn't have to be round) and glued it on where the original nub had been and from then on it worked perfectly.

I don't know for sure if the later model buttons are close enough in design to the one on the 6 that the problem could be the same, but I'm thinking that the excess rubbing alcohol could have loosened the glue on the little nub and let it fall off without you noticing.

No idea if that's the problem, but worth checking I suppose.

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