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Repaired lightning port but still not charging

One of the pins in my IPhone’s charging port Broke so I replaced it with a new port but it still won’t get a charge. Could this be a problem with the battery or something else? Is there any way I could troubleshoot shoot what is going wrong? Thank you.

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Hi Jacob,

If you really want to go deep down the repair rabbit hole, then is the place for you. You'll want to pick up a USB volt/ammeter so you can tell how much power the phone draws, which will help pin down the issue, but go. read this article first.

How To Diagnose & Fix an iPhone 7 That Does Not Charge, Takes 0.006A via USB - Repair Wiki

As far as straight-forward repairs go, you've done the obvious and most likely one already and presumably tried a different charger and cable too. That really only leaves the battery as a possible source of problems before you go down the path of diagnosing board level problems such as replacing the Tristar power controller chip.

So yeah, the next obvious thing to do would be to replace the battery, and after that you're headed in deep.

Good luck and let us know what you find!

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