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Whirlpool WTW4816FW or the Maytag Centennial washer MVWC415EW2.

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Whirlpool WTW4816FW2 Washing Machine Doesn't Run After Deep Freeze

It got really cold (i.e. below freezing) and my washing machine had water in it. Now that the weather has warmed up again, the washing machine hums when I turn it on, but it does not run. If I had to guess, I suspect something broke when the water turned to ice. I have not taken it apart yet. Hoping for a "reset" or other simple fix. Whirlpool WTW4816FW2

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In which function poisition does it hum? That would be important to determing what is humming as there are a couple of things that can hum.

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I'm old school so I am used to washing machines that have simple choices like "wash" and "rinse" and "spin." This one is newfangled and the user can't just tell it to do one of those simple things. In my case, it died then froze mid-cycle, probably due to a spin-balance cut out or ... not sure what . So I power-cycled it by unplugging and replugging, then pushed start. My assumption is it detects water, so it is trying to evacuate itself back to an empty state. That would mean - the pump is trying to run? But I am guessing. I will see about running the diagnostics listed below by jayeff and report back.

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Hi @megansdadd

Here's the tech sheet for the model.

Try running the washer's diagnostic tests - see Activating the Service Diagnostic test mode p.2 and check if any error codes are shown.

To interpret the status lights to know what code it is, see the Fault/Error code display method chart on p.3

The error codes description and possible causes are shown on p.6→p.7

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Much appreciated. I will do this and report back.

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Cold environment (below zero) isn't critical for the machine, except for the parts with water. Water expands when freezing and can destroy pumps, hoses, etc. quickly.

When a washing machine "hums" one part to test / replace is the start capacitor. Very common symptom is a hum or click.

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Thanks. Do you know if cold weather is known to induce a capacitor failure, or if this would be a coincidence that a capacitor would fail and the weather would also be below freezing?

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