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La Kenmore 110 Series es una lavadora para el hogar de fácil uso creada por Kenmore.

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Machine Agitates but won't spin

the machine will not spin but agitates and drains. I changed the coupler and the clutch but it still won't spin. The motor runs and I can hear the change when I change speeds but the tub will not spin. Also, the tub is very hard to spin manually. Is this the transmission or the tub causing this?

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Hi @njbob,

What is the model number of the washer?

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Hi - it is 110.20952992

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Can you manually rotate the tub in both directions or only the one way?

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I can spin it both directions - tight but it moves

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Check the agitator dogs are OK.

They prevent the agitator from rotating in both directions as it should only rotate in the one direction

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Hi @njbob

Usually with spinning issues it's either the coupling, the clutch or the dogs

Since you have replaced the first two and you say that the dogs are destroyed and need replacement, that's most probably the reason for the problem.

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Okay so even though the bottom of the agitator works it could still be the dogs that prevent the unit from spinning and when I say spinning I mean the spin cycle...?

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Apologies. My mistake, got it mixed up with the top of the agitator not moving - brain fade ;-(

Seems as though it will be a transmission problem then, spin cam in gear box perhaps.

Here's a video that may help if you want to try and repair it.

Here's a link that has a video and also the manufacturer's part number 3360629 (examples only) that shows how to replace the transmission if you want to replace it instead

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Thanks so much. I'm bidding on a new trans so we'll see if I get it. Otherwise it's off to Home Depot for a new washing machine.

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