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MacBook not charging, magsafe charger not lighting up.

I was gifted a used MacBook a few days ago. When I turned it on, I got the blinking dead battery screen. I tried to charge it with the MagSafe2 charger that came with it, but got no results. The MagSafe charging light didn't even come on. Then I tried charging it using a LED Cinema Display with the MagSafe 1 to 2 adapter, but again no results and no charging light. I've done the SMC reset as well as NVRAM/PRAM reset and neither solved the problem. The charge port on the MacBook looks clean and unburned, which leads me to believe the charger is Apple branded.

Before I dig in and buy a replacement MagSafe 2 DC-In Board, is there anyway to test that the problem is DC in-board and not something else?

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After tearing it apart, it turns out that the MagSafe 2 DC-In Board was fine, it just got pushed in enough that the charger wasn't making a good contact. It also gave me a chance to give everything a good cleaning. It was super gross and nasty inside. Now to take it to an Apple Store to get the battery replaced for free under the battery recall.

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Using a DVM you should be able to measure the power at the logic board using a set of schematics and board view to locate the touch points.

It’s likely there is a deeper logic board issue behind this.

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Finally got the corrects screwdriver to open the back case, and oh boy was it dirty! The battery looked to be original and it was a bloated pillow that needs replaced. The aluminum shell looks wider at the MagSafe port, almost like the wrong power plug was used and forced in. I want to tear the MacBook down to the MagSafe port to see if the problem is just that the port was knocked in or if it was something bigger.

Do you think this could solve the problem or do you think it's a deeper logic issue? I don't know what a DVM is and most likely don't have it. All I have for testing is a multimeter.

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@nag007 - Digital Volt Meter or a digital multi-meter will do.

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