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MacBook shows no signs of life

Hello everyone,

I received a laptop from eBay yesterday, but unfortunately, it doesn't show any functionality at all. Specifically, neither with battery power nor with the power adapter (even with the battery unplugged) anything happens. The power adapter also doesn't seem to be recognized at all - there is no LED light on the power adapter. Could the charging port be damaged, causing the device to be completely drained? Or is it more likely a motherboard defect?

Another thing I considered: The device currently doesn't have a hard drive, but I want to install an SSD... Could that change anything? I wouldn't think so because at least the charging light on the power adapter should come on, right?

RAM is installed, the battery is in, and otherwise, the device looks good from the inside at first glance, although I haven't removed the motherboard yet... What could I check, or how can I proceed to find the problem, preferably with as little capital as possible?

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Are you getting any response when you press the battery checker button on the side, do any of the LEDs light at all?

You’ll need to think through the expense of bring this system back to life.

While I would try replacing the MacBook Pro Unibody 13" and 15" MagSafe DC-In Board if with the MagSafe charger doesn’t respond you my need a new logic board as the GPU chip often fails in this series. While you can bypass it enabling the Intel graphics engine within the CPU. It is not as good as the discrete GPU.

Next given the systems age you will need to replace the battery

All of this can limit its resale value if that is your direction.

Imagen de MacBook Pro Unibody 13" and 15" MagSafe DC-In Board


MacBook Pro Unibody 13" and 15" MagSafe DC-In Board


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@danj No... Pressing the battery checker button doesn't give me anything at all... Wouldl this be the case if the battery is totally dead? But even if, shouldn't it be able to boot with the charger attached, if the mag safe port wouldn't be faulty? I guess with a failing GPU chip, the macbook should still show at least life signs, like spinning fans, shouldn't it?

And yeah, reselling is what I'm aiming for...

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@danj just to be sure - if I wanted to replace the magsafe port - could I use it from a 2010/2011 Macbook / Macbook Pro 13"? Is that always the same?

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@nameless7069 - Apple in this case used the same part across the 13” and 15” if you go to the part via the blue URL link I posted you’ll find a full compatibility listing.

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@danj Okay, but just to verify: If the mag safe port would be working, would I see a light on the charger at least? Or the other way round: If I don't get a light there from the charger, is the port definetely faulty or could it also be the mainboard (for example the GPU on the mainboard)?

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@nameless7069 - You need to try a new DC-In board to diagnose the basic power issues first. This might then lead to board level issue besides the need of a fresh battery.

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Well check out this it might just help you:

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If it is an obscure logic failure, then you most likely won't find it. It would be buried deep in the thousands of little lines on the logic board, impossible to detect with the human eye.

My experience with Macs is that if the GPU fails then it would turn on, but have a distorted or blank display. The GPU failing should not affect the battery light (unless something is REALLY bad and short circuiting something.) An iMac of mine had a failing/failed GPU, and it's display just was looking a little whack for a while before the GPU died completely, and then the only color the GPU would render was pink with ugly white lines all over the screen.

Replace the DC-in board, as that is definitely a thing that could cause this problem. Reseat RAM, and try reseating the connectors that connect the DC board to the logic board.

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@eucador yeah, I just tried replacing the DC-in board with no change.. reseating RAM doesn't do anything either... I feel like its actually some short of whatever type.... Sad...

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