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A2115/2019/ Procesador desde 3.0 GHz de 6 núcleos core i5, hasta 3.6 GHz de 8 núcleos i9. Lanzado el 19 de marzo 2019.

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How to identify a cap on a 2019 iMac logic board?

I have a cap that snapped off during transit from Ebay. It's from a 2019 iMac logic board. It's labeled 9Q 220 CZA but the 9 looks more like a backwards p. Would anyone have any leads on how to find a replacement please?

Block Image

Block Image

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What is the model? 21.5” or 27” also can you post a bigger image so we can identify the area.

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It's a 27". The capacitor was removed by the shop. I posted a bigger pic on the original post. Thanks.

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@anubyss that is a 16V 220µF Electrolytic SMD Capacitor, AS for the package, just measure the width and length as well as the diameter. Then look for replacements at places like or or a seller that appeals to you.

Mousers 661-EMVE160ARA221MF8 might just fit the package :-) Again, just an example not an endorsement for Mouser or anybody else.

Here is the datasheet for that capacitor Al Mve E 2020 3364150

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Sorry an additional question. I measure the capacitor at 7mm X 7mm. So I am assuming it's 6.3 X 8 (with the plastic seat).

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@anubyss what is the diameter of the capacitor? Yes, that capacitor from Digikey will work as well!

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Awesome thank you very much for the help!

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