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Computer doesn't boot, no POST

Hi! My Thinkcentre desktop does not POST. It stopped working randomly (and in other times, it would start working without any intervention), so I don't know what's causing it.

I tried doing a discharge multiple times, by unplugging any power sources from the PC and holding the power button. And, at least visually, there's no broken component in the motherboard.

By the way, the fan spins and the status indicator lights up, but it stops there, so I can't really use it.

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Hi @kaigo,

What is the model number of the PC?

By "...unplugging any power sources..." did this include removing the coin cell battery from the motherboard?

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@jayeff I don't know which is the model number, but the only sticker says:

MT-M 9625 – A71

(and the serial number)

It does include the CMOS battery.

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First of all, please make your question about the correct type of computer. If your question is about a Thinkcentre, do not post a question for a Thinkpad.

At first glance, this problem seems like RAM that is seated badly. Try reseating your RAM. Also, try and reseat the HDD/SSD.

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Sorry. Couldn't find ThinkCentre model and thought it was related to Thinkpad. Will try to change ram, but why should HDD cause a problem if it's not reaching POST?

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Some computers do a hardware check before booting, and do not POST if they detect problems. An example of this is a Dell Dimension 2400 that I have, which gives error beep codes for missing hard drives or floppy/optical drives. Also, if a hard drive is loose, then it could be interfering with the way power flows through the machine. It really is just a precaution to see if it changes something, as the most random things can fix things sometimes.

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I figured it really was the RAM. Swapping with other sticks fixed it. I want to discover what is the exact problem with the ram, but not for now. Thanks!

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Hi @kaigo

Your model is a Lenovo ThinkCentre Type 9625A71.

What status lights are showing on the PC when it fails to POST?

Do you hear any beeps when it does?

If no beeps are heard, then most probably there's no internal system speaker (example only) connected to the relevant header pins on the motherboard.

Here's the hardware maintenance manual for the PC. Go to p.71 Item #17 to view the location of the speaker connection on the motherboard.

If there isn't a speaker connected there and you haven't got one (or something similar that will work), I suggest that you get one of these speakers and connect it to the motherboard and hopefully when it fails to POST you will get a beep error code to tell you what's wrong. Search online for PC system speaker to find suppliers that suit you best.

On p.61 there's a beep error code chart that details what each of the beep codes mean.

Hopefully a start to find out what's happening.

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There were no status light, apart from the power light. No beeps, and the speaker is connected.

But, as @eucador suggested, I changed the ram and the computer gave me 2 short beeps. Though, when I connected the rest of the ram (had only connected 1) it stopped working again.

I will check if the problem is on the slot.

- de

One thing that I don't know if it's related: when I sleep the computer (suspend), I cannot wake it up again. When I touch the keyboard to wake it up, it spins up but won't do anything else, essentially the same thing that's happening now, except it's past POST.

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It started working. It was probably the ram short-circuiting something (because the same sticks didnt work on another Pc)

But now the video card isn't outputting any video. Only the on-board one. But the port may not be working or something. Should I open another thread for it?

- de


Yes start again in a new question and briefly describe the symptoms that occur now, and what you've tried now to make it work

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Samsung 2033SW 20-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor it is not working

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