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Procesador Intel Core i7 de cuatro núcleos a 2.2 GHz (Turbo Boost hasta 3.4 GHz), 2.5 GHz (Turbo Boost hasta 3.7 GHz) o 2.8 GHz (Turbo Boost hasta 4.0 GHz) con 6 MB de caché L3 compartida.

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Mystic troubles with efi password after bootcamp install

Part 1

At first windows didn't want to install and crashed with errors but at some point it installed. I realize it sounds abstract.

After installation windows works as it should. but in the menu where there should be a button to go back to mac os it is not there. the firmware password is forgotten by the seller (used mac) and when you press command + r + power there is such a lock with boot. it is unlikely that it should be so. and I absolutely do not know what to do. The only option was to remove the RAM with the battery off, plug the battery in, turn the macbook on with the buttons pressed to reset the pram and it would reset the password. but the problem is that the memory is soldered in. Maybe someone has encountered this problem I will be grateful for any help. I found similar topics on the Internet, but those who asked this question remained unanswered. unfortunately.

Part 2
It all started when I installed windows through bootcamp assistant. I bought an adapter for macbook ssd, plugged it in, deleted the boot windows partition, and subsequently all the partitions that had windows on them. This did not help at all. Then I formatted it completely and that didn't help either. In all cases I have this situation on my screen. Everything is on the video. I have not found anything like this on the internet, maybe someone who has encountered this and can advise. I've tried pressing all sorts of hotkeys at startup, as well as Option-Command-R or Shift-Option-Command-R to get into macOS Recovery, but I still get thrown back to this screen, which I understand is broken, because again, as I understand it, this boot icon should not be there. I'm attaching the video. I would be grateful for your help.

Just reposted that from reddit cause on reddit no one helped me

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So when you do login under macOS what account are you using?

The system has three levels of access which can be confusing! The first is a firmware which I’m suspecting you are struggling with. Once you’ve gotten pass it using the technique you applied you should be able to reset it. This is held within the firmware chip.

The next level is user account, by default you have the fist user which is also the Admin user. This account other than guest is what most have on their system. This allows the applications and data to be isolated from the other users within the system (like kids that share the system) you can delete all but the Admin account unless you create a fresh account with Admin privilege.

The next one is iCloud which is a a internet account this is a unique account within Apples servers

When using Windows you can either treat the system as a single OS setup only using Windows (not recommended) or using BootCamp. But before you dive into this you first need to resolve your macOS level issues.

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so i come here for solve problem with efi bug.

like i have password firmware password BUT i can try to enter it. just watch video and you understand what i mean like i have password firmware password BUT i can try to enter it. just watch video and you understand what i mean

- de

@u7hlbotts8nn4x - Then you haven’t gotten passed the firmware password then.

At this point you need to use a ROM reader to edit the EFI chip or get a replacement chip which has a clean image of firmware installed.

This is not a bug! This was setup so it would be very difficult for someone to gain access to your stuff.

- de

@danj its crystally a bug.

- de

@u7hlbotts8nn4x - Why do you think that? The thousands of systems sold and yours is the only one with a bug within the EFI firmware password?

- de

@danj did you hear something about a defect in production

- de

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