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La PSP E100 es una consola de juegos portátil diseñada por Sony. También conocida como PSP Street, esta versión económica de PlayStation Portable se lanzó en octubre de 2011.

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Need help identifying this component

Block Image

Block Image

got a PSP E1002 given to me no power no charge new to repairs but found what I assume is the problem but am not sure of the component would appreciate any help

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@jeremerry now add an image zooming out so we can see the location of the component in relation to the complete board. Could be your fuse but could also be anything from a resistor to an inductor ;-)

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@oldturkey03 hopefully this is better. First thought was fuse but the component has a hole in it only thing I could see on it was a T

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@jeremerry that comes right of the positive power rail. That is your power fuse. Replace that with a 5V 2.5A fuse in a what looks like a 0603 package.

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Cheers mate appreciate the help not sure if I was meant to accept the answer yet first time posting on here in any case I’ll replace the fuse appreciate your quick response

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@jeremerry best of luck with your repair. Keep those little consoles working.

Repair is War on Entropy!

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