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Torn black film on logic board

While trying to remove the battery to replace it, I tore the black film that's on the logic board, leaving an approx 1 inch tear exposing some kind of silver cover just underneath. I just wanted to know if this is something that would require a replacement or if it should be fine as is.

I did some reading around and found that tears to the film on the wireless charging coil underneath the battery weren't much of an issue, and I'm assuming that the film on the logic board is the same kind of graphite shielding as on the wireless charging coil.

I have some electrical tape on standby if that can be used to cover the tear. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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The black tape (called Graphite Tape) is for heat transfer and acts like a heat dissipator. The silver metal shields are EMI shields.

Should be fine without it, but if you're worried you can order the tape online.

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its just like a thermal tape it will be fine without it

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