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The Studio Display was released March 18, 2022. It was announced and released alongside the Mac Studio.

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Cracked screen, any way to fix?


I recently had the misfortune of my apple studio display develop a small crack in the display. Luckly it seems that the pixels are fine and its just the glass. I was wondering, has anyone tried to fix such cracks with say resin? Or attempted to swap the glass screen? Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I dont want to pay the eye watering price that apple are requesting to fix the issue, and I was stupid enough to not put apple care on such a pricy item. Thanks!

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@gabrielros61687 the display is "sandwiched" together so there really is no good way of replacing the glass. You could try some resin for as long as it does not get into the actual LCD matrix. The only other way would be by replacing it or learning to live with it.

Not sure where you a relocated etc., but if you really can't live with that, I would visit some of the windshield repair places that offer crack repair. If you explain your situation and let them know that you are not going to "sue" them for any damages, they might actually have some other options. Can't hurt trying.

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The same thing happened to me .. in all the years of having displays this is the first time I have had a chip on the screen.. is it a fault on the studio displays? My is under warranty.

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