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Guías para la versión Wi-Fi del iPad mini 5: modelo A2133. Lanzado en marzo de 2019, el iPad mini 5 es el sucesor del iPad mini 4.

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Digitizer not working after replacement

I bought a replacement Screen and digitizer The screen works great but the digitizer docent some spots don't register on the left and right in portrait mode and in regular mode I can't see ANY damage The connector looks good. Is there Something you have to cover or is it apple's prioritization

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don't have the original screen but the old digitizer worked perfectly except it was cracked and the display

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You didn't mention if you had cleaned the connector with some 90% or higher isopropyl alcohol, but other than that it looks to me as though you've covered pretty much all of the diagnostic bases.

At this point I would communicate with the seller of the replacement screen on the issues you're having with it and see about getting a replacement, especially given that you didn't have digitizer issues with the original screen.

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thanks I cleaned it am waiting for it to dry. let you know if it works.

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