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La Aspire 3 A315 es una computadora portátil reparable de Acer.

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Why won’t my internet connect anymore?

My laptop doesn’t let me connect to any wifis, and it says I need to have an Ethernet cable, I’ve had it for a year - and never used an Ethernet cable, the wifi has been fine. Until now and I can’t use it at all. I’ve reset it but it made it worse.

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Hi Maya,

When you say that your laptop won't let you connect to any wifis, does that mean that it shows the networks as available to connect to but fails to connect to them, or does it fail to show any networks at all?

When you say you've reset it but it made it worse, are you referring to the computer? Did you restart the computer or do a shutdown? If you did a shutdown, try doing a "Restart" instead by going to the start menu -> power icon -> restart.

If after it comes back from the restart there is still no wifi networks showing then further troubleshooting steps will need to be taken. If it still does not show any networks then right click on your Start icon and select "Device Manager", in this device manager we want to expand the section called "Network Adapters" and see what are listed under that.

Please let us know these details to better be able to help you solve the problem.

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