Touchscreen is inop after battery replacement

I replaced my iphone7 battery a couple weeks ago with one I ordered on Amazon from a company I trust and haven’t had problems with. After install, they was one issue that continually bothered me. I no longer was able to see my battery health. Being the pain in the ass to myself that I am, this had to be resolved. I opened the phone again to check any all connection issues and found zero. Here’s the rub, I forgot to power down the phone this time. I re-assembled the phone to the point of not installing the 2 screws at the bottom. The haptic response is chaotic. strong, and lasts too long and the touchscreen will not respond to my touch. The screen is cracked at the top but it’s been that way for over a year. The interior upper folded over u-shaped wire hasn’t broken but through experience, I know it may still be broken and absolutely nothing is wrong from a visual standpoint. I can’t turn it off to restart it either. Help!?

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Could you mabye send some pictures of the display and cables? Thanks!

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