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Screen goes black / Part Number

Hi guys,

I have a white iMac "Core 2 Duo" 2.16 20-Inch (Late 2006) with the screen going black, After a while everything went off

completly as if i unplugged from the power source. I could not re started again.

I haven't taken to the Service yet, but i talked to them and they said it is probably the Internal Display Power Supply or the Inverter it is a very expensive repair. They probably DO charge high anyhow, not many good services in Spain.

1-Do you think is the Power Supply? I hear d is a common issue in iMac for overheating.

2 - So could you recommend me any trustable place that buys those parts ? I did check eBay but could not find a bit on iMac Intel 20", there is very little and most of the available are used parts and not new.

3-Where I could get the exact Part Number of this Part?

Thanks for any help, i really would appreciate any info!



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It's impossible to give you an answer from the information we have. It's like saying your "car won't start, what is wrong?" I t could be any number of things. We have to have more information. Do you get any lights when pressing the start button? Any tone? Anything on the screen? Have you started up from the CD? Have you hooked up an external monitor? Work with us and we can give you a lot better answer.


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This should be a comment on the question, not an answer.

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Hi Mayer, thanks for your reply. You are right i should have gave you more info. Anyhow, most of the forum i checked says that a black screen and no power at all which is a very frecuent seems to be the Power Supply. Regarding your list of questions Do you get any lights when pressing the start button? Any tone? Anything on the screen? NO. There's no power at all. Have you started up from the CD? I can't. Have you hooked up an external monitor? I haven't tried that, but since there is no power, i guess i couldn't. With the extra info, could you guess a further diagnose? Anyhow, if i decide to buy the Power Supply as a Spare Part, could you or anybody else recommend me a good and trustable place that buys those parts ? Thanks again and cheers! Sebs

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Here's the power supply: iMac G5/Intel Power Supply When you open your iMac look for any corroded cans. Although this model generally didn't have this problem it couldn't hurt to visually examine it.

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Hi Mayer, thanks for the good info, regarding the link you sent me

iMac G5/Intel Power Supply

I understand i can buy this part to iFixit. Is that right or they just put the cost of the part?

By the way, if i find corroded cans what i do with that? Or is just to be sure is the Power Supply fault.

I will have to take very good care of the repair process because it seems a bit dificult.

Thanks again and i hope fix it soon.


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