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Modelo A1312 / Mediados de 2011 / Procesador Core i5 de 2.7 & 3.1 GHz o Core i7 de 3.4 GHz

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I need to know what some of these "nets names" mean

Hi guys, I have an iMac A1312 2011 and I am looking at the motherboard for it and I am looking at it on boardviewer and I don't understand what these net names mean. I understand GND means ground, but I don't know what I2C_TCON_SCL means, for example. Can anyone help me find out what they mean? I have sent a picture if you're confused

Block Image

Block Image

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@maxplayz look at your logic board as a conglomerate of a bunch of different circuits. A NET is how the different components (capacitors/transistors/resistors/inductors/etc.) work together to create this particular circuit. Any manufacturer uses their own description, so there is not really a standard definition for them. Some of Apples "NETS" are easier to "translate" than others. Sometimes you have to work with it for a while to figure it out i.e. I2C is communication Bus (very simplified but you can research this further if you want to) TCON is the Timing Control as related to control of the rows and columns on your display and SCL is the Clock signal for the I2C communication bus.

Now what does that all really mean and is it relevant to whatever is wrong with your iMac. I use the NET function whenever I need to test a specific circuit to determine which component is in the circuit or, when I place jumpers to determine which components to attach it too.

There is a whole bunch of engineering going on with those circuits. To totally understand each and everyone of those will require more than Answers on here :-)

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Do you know if there is a video that has a tutorial on this? I am trying to fix this iMac to figure out why the screen is always black when it starts up. I hear all the fans spinning and the boot chime but no display. But for some reason whenever I change the LVDS connector to a working one, it will only show a display ONCE and then it will go black. Then, when I restart it again it goes back to a black screen. I'm thinking it's a problem with the MXM graphics card, or maybe the LED driver board, I don't know.

- de

@maxplayz there really is not enough out on YT to be Apple NET specific. Check this Wiki page for some of the information.

Can you explain this "whenever I change the LVDS connector to a working one," a bit more? Or even better, create a new question with all the details about the symptoms etc as well as what you have already checked. With a new question you could explain that better in there.

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It's a bit complicated to explain, but I'll try my best to make it as clear as possible. So, here is how the problem works:

  1. Whenever I swap the LVDS connector to a fully working one from a used one, it will show a display only ONCE.
  2. Then, when I attempt to turn the iMac on again, it shows a black screen with the fans spinning and the boot chime.
  3. Whenever I press F5 or F6 I can hear the error sound from the speakers.
  4. I don't see any backlight at all, just completely black.
  5. Also, the R56 power inductor has a reading of 0.1 ohms for some reason

Block Image

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